I was born in a small historical town of Moravia called Trebic, in the Czech Republic. I was a very busy child. Growing up , I was interested in everything from singing to painting, gymnastics, dancing, even playing volleyball!


After the divorce of my parents, we spent a lot of time with my grandparents in the countryside. Their house was surrounded by vineyards, fields of cucumbers and lots and lots of apricot trees. If I think back now, this is probably where my fascination with trees, lines and the ground beneath it began...  I wanted to catch the light and the amazing explosion of colours that it ignited. As a family, we faced difficult times, but with an abundance of love, we persevered.


As I grew older, the dreamer inside of me remained and grew stronger. The urge to create was greater than any other interests I had…. But then I turned 16 and started my first year at a catholic gymnasium. My attention drifted to love and studying, completely overshadowing the child in me. For a few years I neglected the magical colours inside of me.


My four years at university studying mental health, psychiatry and drug counselling, unknowingly paved the way to a vast new world of self-expression and mental digestion through the medium of painting.


While studying, my life seemed set on following the familiar path of getting married and finding a job. Without realising it, the fire and passion inside me lead me in a different direction and I abandoned this preordained path and moved to London.  After leaving everything familiar behind, London opened up so many doors to the world of art and set my artistic heart on fire again. I started pouring myself onto blank canvases. I left London after less than a year and moved to the south of England to the city of Southampton. I found work in a café and used all my free time to paint and create. And so my first painting was sold and went to Australia.  


In June 2016 my art found its way onto the cover of a London magazine, including a full article about me and my work. This was a truly inspirational moment and motivated me to paint even more. That summer I packed my bags and went to Spain in search of adventure. I wanted to drink even deeper from the bubbling fountain of inspiration. After two months on the road through Spain, I returned to my hometown and my family. It was there I found love in the place I was running from. Although I wanted to give my life in Britain one more chance, my heart was elsewhere.  Little did I know that this new love would lead me to one of the most beautiful countries in the world. 


In October 2017 I embarked on my first journey to South Africa. I had the opportunity to explore the country and its natural beauty for three months, with Cape town as the end destination.  For the rest of my stay in South Africa, we resided on a farm at the foot of a big mountain range just outside the little town of Wellington. We stayed in a cottage, being woken up by guinea fowl, chickens, and cows every morning. I found a place for my easel by a willow tree at the back of the house. From there I started working on an exhibition, presenting my first paintings to galleries, and started selling not only originals but also prints. I was once again catching the light and the amazing explosion of colours that it ignited.

"...Her work is fresh and esthetically satisfying. Her use of colour is strong and supports the composition very well. She understands trees which usually is technically challenging. Her combination of abstract and realism is the core of the work..."

Vernon Swart, SA Artist

"...Great use of colour and a wonderful lightness of being..."

Peter Thorpe, Winemaker, Itchyologist and lover of art