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I was born in a small historical town in the Czech Republic called Trebic. I grew up in the countryside, surrounded by vineyards, fields of cucumbers and apricot trees and it was this very area of the country that awakened my fascination with trees, their lines and the ground beneath. 


At university, I studied mental health, psychiatry and drug counselling leading to an urgency for self-expression through the medium of painting.  

In 2014 I moved to London. This move opened up so many doors to the world of art and set my artistic heart on fire. With this new found inspiration I started pouring myself onto blank canvases. Suddenly my first customer appeared and the first painting was sold and went to Australia.  

In June 2016 my art found its way onto the cover of a London magazine, including a full article about me and my work. This was a truly inspirational moment. That summer I packed my bags and went to Spain in search of further inspiration and adventure.

In October 2017 I embarked on my first journey to South Africa, Namibia, and Mozambique. For more than five years I had an extraordinary opportunity to explore the country from one end to the other. 

While in South Africa I was presenting my first paintings to galleries, had my first big exhibition in Cape Town and started selling not only originals but also retouched prints.

Check out some of my references!:

"...Great use of colour and a wonderful lightness of being..."

Peter Thorpe, Winemaker, Itchyologist and lover of art (South Africa)

"Those colors! Such energy and expression of nature. It is a combination that's got an incredible power."

Mirka Hájková, Art lover (Czech republic)

"...Her work is fresh and esthetically satisfying. Her use of colour is strong and supports the composition very well. She understands trees which usually is technically challenging. Her combination of abstract and realism is the core of the work..."

Vernon Swart, Artist (South Africa)

„I have seen few artists who understand the emotions of nature as Radka Bartosikova does. Her raw, yet simultaneously delicate paintings talk of the eternal dialogue between trees and earth.“

Desirée Windfuhr, Art lover (Namibia)

“Deep and symbolic. Each painting offers strong emotions and their connection creates stories, stories with a personal and individual meaning to each person. That’s why it’s difficult to get only one of her works.“

Barbora Greinerová, Art lover (Czech republic)

"Radka is an extremely talented young artist, her amazing work has become an inseparable part of our home. Thanks to Radka's painting, we managed to connect the „outside“ with the interiour.“

Zuzana Hasan, Art lover (United Kingdom)

"I have admired Radka's work for a while - her use of texture and earthy colours really brings her paintings to life and draws me into the landscapes. I absolutely love my painting and often drift off for a few minutes while looking at it!"

Lindi Kamstra-Simms, Art lover and jewelry maker (South Africa)

"I bought my first painting to decorate my very first flat I lived in. But there is something so special to her work, that seduces you to get more and more. Today my 6 paintings decorate walls of my house and form the soul of our home."

Aneta Frejková, Official worker (Czech republic)

...and more...

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